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Emilia Sandoiu is an award-winning author, licensed NLP practitioner, coach, mentor, sales strategist and motivational speaker, driven by a noble purpose on empowering individuals on their self-discovery journey of their inner selves. Born in Bucharest, Romania, Emilia has lived and worked in London since 2003 and, is a proud mum of a teen boy.

For the past 12 years, she inspired, coached and mentored hundreds of individuals on achieving their goals and becoming a better version of themselves. As part of her outstanding planning, goals setting and strong leadership skills for over a decade, Emilia has been recognized and awarded as a top sales leader and team builder by the leading beauty and direct selling company Avon Cosmetics.

With a passion for learning more about Entrepreneurship, Emilia focused on pursuing her high education of business studies and attained a BA Degree with Honours in International Business Management awarded by London South Bank University, and a Certificate in Marketing from CIM. She has also been awarded a certificate from LSBU for strong leadership skills as a course representative and for developing and managing new projects within the university, such as a Debating Society.

Eager to unleash her potential, she has completed her studying and training with the NLP co-founder Dr. Richard Bandler and has obtained a certificate as a Licenced NLP Practitioner. By applying her NLP knowledge, she overcame her snake’s phobia in just a few minutes and since then, she has coached and helped other individuals to overcome their fears, limited beliefs and take control over their lives. Moreover, Emilia has been coached and trained by Raymond Aaron, Richard Bandler, Marcia Martin, and other famous and successful coaches, entrepreneurs and speakers.

Emilia has shown a great aspiration for well being and healthy lifestyle and transformed her life immensely by becoming a vegetarian. Additionally, she is an active volunteer and runs for marathons for Cancer UK charities, with an aim to support and raise funds for people affected by cancer and research development. Emilia is a beautiful soul and a true leader at heart. She strongly believes each person has greatness within, and something special to offer to the world and his or her gift must be put into practice to make a positive impact in today’s changing world.

She is committed to helping you identify your life purpose, overcome limited beliefs and fears, and enhance your business’s sales so that you can live the life you desire!

Emilia with Dr. Richard Bandler, co-creator of NLP, and his wife

Emilia as a public speaker at an NLP Life Seminar

Emilia training as an NLP practitioner and overcoming her snake phobia by using the NLP techniques

Emilia with New York Times Bestselling Author Raymond Aaron

Training and coaching by John Lee at Guerilla Marketing Bootcamp

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