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Today is the day you have decided to do something different and positive about your life and chose to read this book, perhaps, you are looking for answers to those confusing questions that kept you awake many nights.

I know you might be struggling to overcome your fear of failure and limited belief of not being good enough to get into the driver seat of your life, however, still working hard to identify your purpose and the right way to take control over your life.

Perhaps, you have a curious mind that dreams of a fulfilled life, or with a daring attitude that enjoys discovering new things and aiming to achieve many goals. Whatever level you might be into your life journey and regardless of the struggles or limitations you deal with, just don’t give up.

Embark on an amazing self-discovery journey, and let me guide you on how to succeed and change your life in simple steps, by embracing your fears and release the real and stronger you as I did, also, to learn how to get from the back seat into the driver seat of your life.

This guide comprises 5 powerful strategies, which I have used to help me identify my life’s purpose and overcome my fears in order to live my dreams, also, demonstrates how you can achieve your goals and live your dreams too.

In only 5 steps, you will begin your self-discovery journey and learn how to develop a positive mindset and adopt a winner attitude; also, you will identify your strengths in the process to overcome your fears and limited beliefs that hold your growth.

In addition, you will learn how a transformational mindset can help you in your self-discovery journey, from identifying your inner self and your why, and defining your dreams of a happier you.

Through acknowledgment and powerful insights of emotional intelligence and spiritual awareness, you will feel ready today, to act and take control over your life, upon achieving your goals and living a fulfilled life.

The 5 step guide to an inspired life is the best blueprint for you because it will help you not only to find the answers you are looking for but also, will provide the guidance and inspiration, to start living the life you have always dreamed—it just takes one thing: Action!

Just read this guide and apply the techniques outlined, as I trust that this small action will empower you to discover not only how strong and unique you are, but also how many great opportunities are waiting for you to become the best version of yourself!

Unknown to me and many others around this incredible young lady, she had experienced some very tough challenges in her life – even before she became a student of mine when studying for her degree. She kept her focus on her goals and with steel-like determination ticked them off one-by-one. In order to inspire Emilia to complete her book, I invited her to use the rooms in my Art Centre in Central London, and I am so glad it worked! Great to see it in print and look forward to more interesting works from Emilia in the future. Prof. Paul Bhangal – Academic & Entrepreneur, London.

I had the great pleasure to read one of the first copies of Your Future Starts Today. It is very easy to read and implement techniques, and this book has helped me to change the way I think and have lived my life so far, such as fulfilling other people’s wishes and not following my dreams and desires. Emilia has helped me to identify my purpose and my why. With the help of goal-setting tasks, I have finally owned up and accepted the responsibility for creating my desired life. I feel extremely blessed that I was coached by Emilia, who has become my true inspiration as she contributed to my self-development on becoming the best version of myself. Dominika Anoliefo – Mumpreneur, Director Offer Zone Limited

It is unusual for anybody to have the opportunity of watching the process that a great person follows to achieve their greatness. I had one such opportunity watching Emilia work her way up from a very strong and determined student in business, to an author and a powerful presenter. She truly walks her talk and is indeed a great leader. I can only see her on stage with some of the greatest presenters in the world, and becoming a bestseller in the not too distant future. Christopher Mabika, Educational Consultant, Coach.

I have known Emilia since she was studying her first two years of her undergraduate degree in business management. She was an active class representative with excellent leadership skills, and she was very motivated and inspirational in life. Although she was a single mum, Emilia was very determined, and had managed her course schedules well with her life and work. She had a clear set of goals in life, and I am proud to see her reach higher levels. Brenda Patil, Business Lecturer.

Emilia has helped and inspired me to acknowledge and identify how many amazing opportunities are available for me in the future. Is because of her guidance and support that I felt motivated and confident to enroll to college, and finish studying for the final year of my degree in business administration. I am very happy to see she has achieved a high level of coaching experience and I am really excited to learn more from her and, also to read her book Your Future Starts Today. Georgiana Gramada, Professional Hairstylist, Business Administration Student

I am grateful to have known Emilia for the past nine years, she is not only a kind and trustworthy person, however an amazing coach and mentor. Amongst the time she has inspired, motivate and coach me to discover my identity and my why to not give up when I was facing many challenges in my life. It was because of her ongoing support and mentoring, now I am a stronger and confident person, aiming to grow every day and to become the best that I can be. Sefora Chis, General Nurse

Your Future Starts Today

The 5 Step Guide to an Inspired Life

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