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  • How many times have you felt angry or upset for having a negative thought or limited belief that hold you just a step away from a stronger and successful you?
  • How many years of your precious life have you lost, because you did not know how to get rid of your negativity, self-beliefs and fears?
  • How certain and clear are you about your purpose in life and your drive to succeed into living your life as you deserve?
  • How would you like to benefit from a transformational method that can help you to get control over your life?

Imagine how many amazing and life-changing opportunities you can have, when you will take action today, upon achieving your goals and change the temporary circumstances you live with now, into a life of your dreams. If you resonate with at least two of the situations mentioned above, then, you are suitable for aFREE Session of Your Future Starts Today Transformational Program! Congratulations!

The Coaching and Mentoring Session benefits:

  1. The session will help you to identify any limited beliefs that block your success and will teach you how to overcome them to gain clarity in your life.
  2. You will enhance your self-confidence and develop a positive mindset on taking charge of your life.
  3. A personalized step-by-step blueprint will support you on achieving the most desired goals.

The Coaching and Mentoring Session consist of:

  1. The assessment of your personal and professional situation in the present vs. the desired situation.
  2. Helping you to identify your purpose, values and your “why” in order to develop clarity of your life direction.
  3. Supporting you on overcoming your limited beliefs and create positive feelings to build up your self-confidence, by anchoring those resources into future situations.
  4. Developing motivation to take action towards achieving goals and a positive mindset focused on successful achievement.
  5. Guidance and mentoring tailored to your needs to ensure you will achieve the desired outcome or goals in an efficient and timely manner.

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Personalized One-to-One Coaching & Mentoring
The Personalized One-to-One Coaching & Mentoring is a great personalized and transformational program created for you that seek self-development, coaching and guidance one-to-one care, support, and extra responsibility to successfully gain control over your life. This tailored program is based on YFST™ Method that was developed with the aim to help you to identify your life purpose, to develop a winner attitude and to take action now in order to achieve your personal and professional goals and to live a fulfilled life.

The Personalized One-to-One Coaching& Mentoring includes the YFST™ Method, which is the best blueprint to:

  1. Your – Your Actual Situation and Your Abilities Assessment: I will work with you on evaluating your personal and professional present situation, talents and abilities by using SWOT analysis in order to develop clarity of your life direction. In addition, I will guide and mentor you along the way on how to improve and to take the best decisions to take control over your life.
  2. Future – Identifying Your Why and Your Desired Goals and Dreams: I will help you with identifying your why and life purpose, values and beliefs to unleash the inner self and desired dreams and goals. After reviewing your why, personal and professional abilities and current resources, you will have more clarity and control of who you are in the present and whom you want to become in the future.
  3. Starts – Developing a Positive Mind-Set and a Winner Attitude: The secret to achieving any goal in life is that you must start believing that you can do it! I will help you to control your mind and overcome the limited beliefs, negativity or fear you might have, that holds you back from getting in the driver seat of your life. You will feel confident, inspired and motivated to adopt a winner attitude and make each day count by taking action on achieving the goals you desire.
  4. Today – Taking Action Now Process: How to Achieve Your Goals and Live Your Dreams (planning, organizing and review process)

I will help you with designing an action plan on achieving three main goals of your interest, by organizing every task step by step to ensure successful achievement by deadline. You will receive my support on how to keep yourself focused on applying each step, how to overcome problems that might arise along the way and if is necessary a backup plan development. Because I am very committed on helping you succeed in any set up goal, I offer personalized mentoring on one on one basis, also outside coaching hours guidance by email/text to ensure you receive the needed support, also that you are highly confident, accountable to accomplish every success in your personal and professional life.

Bonus: As a customer of The Personalized One-to-One Coaching & Mentoring, you will have the amazing opportunity to join the Transformational Group Coaching Program FREE!

For more information or to apply to join the Personalized One-to-One Coaching & Mentoring Program today, please email

Group Coaching Program (up to 5 clients)

The Transformational Group Coaching Program is a monthly program based on a virtual meeting hosted by me, between you and other like-minded individuals, entrepreneurs and professionals. The group coaching is designed to enhance your motivation levels and inspire to become responsible, confident and overcome any fears or limited beliefs that might hold you back from taking action on achieving the goals you desire.

Group Coaching Program Benefits:

  1. Transformational and positive mindset development and confidence enhancement
  2. Develop a great sense of responsibility and motivation to successfully achieve your most desired goals.
  3. To overcome your fear of failure and self-beliefs that hold you back from taking control over your life.
  4. Brainstorming ideas and sharing tips to enhance personal and professional success
  5. Attain clarity on your life direction and grow your self-awareness.
  6. Learn great strategies on how to grow your sales or revenue of your business/job.
  7. Learn from successful entrepreneurs and individuals, the powerful tips on how to enhance your emotional intelligence by developing empathy levels and becoming the best you dreamed to be.

For more information or to apply to join the Personalized One-to-One Coaching & Mentoring Program today, please email

“Emilia has helped me to identify my purpose and my why. With the help of goal-setting tasks and transformational program, I have finally owned up and accepted the responsibility for creating my desired life. I feel extremely blessed that I was coached by Emilia, who has become my true inspiration as she contributed to my self-development on becoming the best version of myself.” Dominika Anoliefo

Mumpreneur, Director Offer Zone Limited

“I am grateful to have known Emilia for the past nine years; she is not only a kind and trustworthy person, as well as an amazing coach and mentor. Throughout the time she has inspired, motivated and coached me to discover my identity and my why to not give up when I was facing many challenges in my life. It was because of her ongoing support and mentoring, now I am a stronger and confident person, aiming to grow every day and to become the best that I can be.” Sefora Chis

General Nurse

“Emilia has helped and inspired me to acknowledge and identify how many amazing opportunities are available for me in the future. Is because of her guidance and support that I felt motivated and confident to enrol to college, and finish studying for the final year of my degree in business administration. I am very happy to see she has achieved a high level of coaching experience and I am really excited to learn more from her and, also to read her book Your Future Starts Today.

Georgiana Gramada

Professional Hairstylist, Business Administration Student


Book EMILIA as your speaker today for your clients or team members and certainly, they will feel inspired to take charge over their actions from today to ensure a successful tomorrow!

Emilia is committed and passionate to inspire millions of individuals worldwide on taking action today by developing a positive mindset and adopting a winner attitude to get into the driver seat of their lives. By sharing her life story and knowledge, great energy and successful strategies, she will motivate you to unleash the inner you and challenge yourself on overcoming fear to become the best that you can be and make your dreams a reality.

“It is unusual for anybody to have the opportunity of watching the process that a great person follows to achieve their greatness. I had one such opportunity watching Emilia work her way up from a very strong and determined student in business, to an author and a powerful presenter. She truly walks her talk and is indeed a great leader. I can only see her on stage with some of the greatest presenters in the world, and becoming a bestseller in the not too distant future.”

Christopher Mabika

Educational Consultant, Coach

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